Who is hailey glassman dating now

Remember that “Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage” special FOX threw on the air in August? A little more than 4 million people watched it on a relatively dead Wednesday night in the summer.The notion that many more people would tune into this dating farce on the day when 100 million people are watching the Super Bowl is just ridiculous. "He's taking things very slow with her, but she's closer to his age than his previous girlfriends." Liz -- who works at the same company as Jon -- is even boasting about the relationship on Facebook: Her profile pic shows her kissing Jon's cheek.Jon was famously married to Kate Gosselin for 10 years before divorcing in 2009.He swoones her like he does all his naive girlfriends: a.k.a. JUST GO AWAY, oh and 'lastly'- PAY ME MY MONEY JON.

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But that appears to be as far as anything went before the story became public — or more accurately, when Goldstein et al baited us all into writing about it.The principals have denied any interest or involvement; Suleman told Radar Online Thursday that “It was a joke.No offense to Jon Gosselin, but I’m all about my kids right now.Goldstein has told the New York Daily News that he’s talking to major networks as a two-hour special that would air on Super Bowl Sunday, which might be the most laughable thing of all.I can’t imagine any broadcast network touching that with a 50-foot pole (CBS has the game this year), and I doubt many cable networks would really want it either.