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"They were all doing separate movies, so I was going into character for two weeks, then letting go and coming back for a day here and a day there.It was hard to maintain focus on that movie." But Di Caprio did enjoy working with fellow nominee Jack Nicholson: "He elevates everyone.We’ve heard this before, but we’re hearing it again. ) Jamie this past weekend at the Super Bowl in New York City. If you were one to never pass on a school dance or a sorority formals, you’ve probably danced with a countless number of dudes. Do you think they’re really dating but just keeping it on the DL? The answer isn’t so clear, but the rumors have officially returned. Apparently, Katie was seen with her friend (maybe more? The last time these two were declared lovebirds was this summer, when they were spotting dancing at the Apollo Benefit in the Hamptons reported in the summer that they got their groove on to “Blurred Lines,” a party fave, and “American Woman.” Relive the 7 Best Commercials From the Super Bowl But haven’t you danced with a pal before?"You're talking to a man in a dream state," he said."They told me to go to bed, we'd know at a.m.

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*****Leonardo Di Caprio slept soundly in his Los Angeles home and woke up at 8 a.m.The 10 Most Unforgettable Super Bowl Commercials Ever! COMPLETE COVERAGE: Eastwood, Di Caprio play doubles List of nominees TV nominees react Risky Business: Anne Thompson's take Grove: Votes impact Oscar coin A late night of partying morphed into an early morning of celebration for "Babel" director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. "I was at a party with Penelope Cruz, and it was (a.m.) when I arrived at my house.When her best actress drama nomination for "Volver" came in, "it was beautiful to see my friends' reactions," Cruz said as her dogs Vino and Leon fought in the background.Director Pedro Almodovar was the first person to call from overseas, leaving her a "screaming message." After mixed success with U. productions, getting recognized for work in her native language with one of her first directors felt good to Cruz.