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just ask Ted Danson and the other celebs who dined with the prez Monday night ... READ MORE Antonio Villaraigosa -- the mayor of Los Angeles -- is legally single ... READ MORE President Bill Clinton isn't just a fantastic giver of speeches -- he's also a fantastic giver of dinners ...In its newscast, Telemundo reported others disciplined included KVEA news director Al Corral, who was suspended without pay for two months, and the station's general manager, Manuel Abud, who was removed from his post and will be transferred to a new position still undetermined.Ibra Morales, president of Telemundo stations, will be reprimanded.Revisions to the Uniform Crime Report Definition of Rape In 2011, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced revisions to the Uniform Crime Report definition of rape.This is an important step towards assuring that accurate numbers of sexual assault crimes are counted, and that resources and support are available to victims.regarding the mayor's separation from his wife was a flagrant violation of these guidelines," Browne wrote in a separate memo to employees.

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is setting the record straight ...Mayor Villaraigosa has been a supporter of these revisions, which are the first of their kind since 1929.Click here for the Mayor’s letter to Attorney General Holder in support of this issue, and here for the statement he issued last week.In late 2006 Salinas, then the station's political reporter, and station management agreed that she should be reassigned to a different beat that would not involve reporting on the mayor or city politics, Browne said."That decision, consistent with our guidelines, was made on the basis of a friendship that had developed" between Salinas and Villaraigosa, Browne wrote.A later decision, to move Salinas into a temporary anchor position where she read lead-ins about the mayor and city politics, "conflicted with our guidelines and with management's prior decision," wrote Browne."The failure to respond appropriately in the following weeks further compounded these errors," he added.