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But, in the end, it’s clear that Holt cares for her employees dearly, and for others, too.When a visiting Russian actor stole all her vodka, she arranged for him to visit an Alcoholics Anonymous group.

The actress Fiona Shaw mistimed her cooking so badly, her guests had to eat pudding first.

It’s inevitable that the memoirs of an assistant will be as much about the person to whom she’s an assistant as they will be about herself.

But Sweetpea Slight is a good enough writer to recognise this truth and to mine Thelma — her boss for nearly 20 years — for every bit of material she can.

Her duties ranged from fetching the ‘urgent biscuits’ (shortbread) needed at times of anxiety to booking flights and accommodation for touring companies.

On one occasion, the armourer for a production that used guns was found dead in his Zurich hotel room with all his weapons stolen.