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Or “money,” we should say, because the old definitions don’t fit so well anymore.

It used to have a straightforward relationship with the work required to produce actual things of value, but those days are gone.

“Money” nowadays is a byproduct of wishful analytics and computer legerdemain seasoned with generous measures of fraud and larceny.

This is a big problem when everything is measured in money and it becomes quite impossible to state with assurance what the value of money actually is.

More recently, though, the wicked Trump changed his tune and declared that the tower of stock market exaltation was his own doing, setting himself up for the revenge of the grand viziers.

Since nothing else has worked so far to dislodge Trump from the White House, a tumbling tower of stocks might seal his fate.

The small town country girl is drawn to Sakamoto Realties by their persuasive ad.Their task at this year’s Jackson Hole confab is to maintain the appearance of confidence in their own rituals. On his way to the oval office last fall, Trump prophesied that the stock markets represented “one big, fat, ugly bubble.” That was an offense to the grand viziers, for whom the elevated stock market valuations stood as the main testament to their power and wisdom.In fact, it was the only testament, and a rather flimsy one.We have In the past 2,000 years the pagan-based Catholic Church system has been the hands-down, far and away, number one murderer of Christians on the face of the earth.The Vatican murdered Christians for 300 years in the catacombs, for 300 years during the Spanish Inquisition, and will once again kill them in record numbers during the coming days of the Great Tribulation that will take place after the Rapture.