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I hear they do prosecute severly if you have epilepsy and you are driving when you are not supposed to and you get into a car accident.

I think it really depends on the state, or country for that matter.

In my state (NC), my doctor said by law they (the hospital) are suppose to report.

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Snowwoman, My epileptologist's nurse told me that they don't report every seizure.I am just not toooo thrilled that I might have a record before I even decide to get a licence.I understand if they report me because I have a valid licence, but what happens to people who are of driving age, but aren't legally allowed to because they have no licence?Like I said, it depends on the state you're in, but I am guessing if you don't have a license to begin with they won't report it, but it will be on your medical history. Wisconsin and Minnesota don't require the doctors to report it to the DMV, however most states require the patient to report any changes in medical conditions especially ones that can affect driving.I know that in Minnesota you cannot drive until 6 months after your last seizure and it's 3 months in Wisconsin.