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And if you have been around for a while then you have probably been a victim of one or more failed relationships.

A British business woman who planned retiring into a new life with her new found internet lover has been defrauded of 0,000.

She wondered how the Branch manager in Accra did not suspect how an 18 months old account owned by a trader could receive such a hefty amount, the first of its kind, without following the necessary banking procedures before releasing the amount.

Selfish Five persons, the account holder, an employee of the bank and three others including a woman have been arrested by the police.

Lan Di is ruthless in combat, and will not hold back when using his skills to destroy anyone who may oppose him.

One of Lan Di’s first victims in Shenmue is Ryo’s father: Iwao Hazuki, who surrenders an ancient relic called the Dragon Mirror to him.

Trust Mary Little said for her entire life she has been surrounded by people who are trust worthy and only thought of scams and 419s as mere phrases.“The money actually didn’t go into a dollar account; the lawyer was fake.The account holder was fake; the money actually went into a local currency account and this reputable bank did not follow its protocol,” she lamented.He requested that the money be paid to his lawyer who was litigating the case for him.“I had no reason to suspect this guy didn’t exist,” she said.