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Namely, Faustino’s brief but infamous attempt at rocking the mic as a teenage emcee (both on-screen and off) that inadvertently helped contribute to the struggles of white rappers to achieve long-coveted legitimacy during the pre-Eminem period. [Laughs] DX: Speaking of the writers, was Grandmaster B all your creation or did the writers come up with that alter ego for Bud?

But one can’t critique D’Lil without also praising his unsung history as a pioneer of sorts in the then still burgeoning Los Angeles Hip Hop scene, where 20 years ago he helped bring together Black and White, rich and poor, young and old to party together as Afrika Bambaataa always intended his cultural co-creation to become a truly unifying “Planet Rock.” And so during his detailed discussion with DX, D was also asked for recollections of his time as Hip Hop boundary breaker, wherein he recalled tales of his interactions with notables like Nas, Eazy-E, Xzibit, Black Eyed Peas frontman will.and Alchemist, along with a Hollywood history maker or two – and of course a porn star. David Faustino: The writers were definitely running shit there. We all got along, like we were really cool and it was a really easygoing set. ‘Cause I would bring Hip Hop cats around – people would come visit, from just different deejays and whoever – and they were like, “What’s this kid doing?

, David can be seen sucking on a tailpipe, shoving a shotgun into his mouth, leaping out a window (from the first floor) or climbing into an oven (yes, climbing in) before failing to even succeed at suicide and thus having to force himself into another day’s disturbing events alongside his co-star-ver (and real life pal) Corin Nemec, better known to anyone who has ever owned a flowery rayon shirt and inexplicably broken into the electric slide with random strangers as Parker Lewis from one of the defining teen shows of the early-‘90s, -esque series of exaggerated escapades (interspersed with an inordinate amount of Faustino’s bare ass), loosely based on their very real struggles over the years in Hollyweird, was sadly never picked up by HBO, Showtime or any other network that could have fleshed out the show’s clever concept (and maybe matured-up some of its more immature poop humor), brought it to a bigger audience to become a rightful hit and thus returned the name David Faustino to the ranks of celebrities not wanting to even fictionally put a pistol to their temple. [Laughs] DX: [Laughs] That scene in season six where you rhyme for one of your female acquaintances using the telephone as a mock mic came across to the viewer as a little awkward.

To say the last 15 years (since was abruptly cancelled after its eleventh season without a series finale) have been difficult for David’s career would be an understatement. But I definitely have a few cool pieces that I pulled from that show. Did it feel as awkward as it looked, or were you thinking internally like, “This is awesome, I’m rhyming on national television”?

But there’s a lot of cats who I hear about that slid through that I didn’t even know about and I’m like, “What?!

” So I missed a lot of it just due to, like you said, the drinking, the girls and just the whole fame thing. So this weekly Hip Hop party you guys were throwing was like an ageless, race-less, come one come all affair, huh? But I mean to be honest with you, it started out very rich and White.

David Faustino: No, I just remember that when we finally did a scene in Bud’s bedroom – It was a few seasons in before we actually showed the bedroom. Great times.” David Faustino: That quote just blew it up for me.

I don’t remember when it was, but I remember the prop masters approaching me and just saying, “Hey, there’s a show coming up here in a week or so where they’re gonna use your bedroom finally, what’s the vibe, what do you want? ” [Laughs] So they went and researched it for me and they hooked it up. DX: Speaking of Nas, what was your reaction when you read what Esco told the back in December about that placement: “My album poster being on Bud’s wall was one of the illest moments for me. That put a giant smile on my face and made it real for me.

But I had to school the kids who didn’t know what was up and I had to take ‘em back a little bit.If you wish to use this content, you do not need to request permission as long as you follow any licensing requirements mentioned on this page.This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.David Faustino: [Laughs] No, I can honestly say I never had that thought.But now that you bring it to my attention I might have to meditate on that.